The property protector package from $299 per month*TC's apply

Monthly To do List


1. Clean gutters, Inspect Gutters for rust and damage. Single story only.

2. Clean and Vacuum behind refrigerator/fridge and stove for fire prevention.

3. Clean Range hood and oven. 

4. Clean all filters only. 

5. Garden Maintenance only 2hrs


1. Check all Caulking in bathroom/s and seal in matching color.

2. Remove mold in silicone if need be and apply new matching silicone.

3. Test Smoke detectors quarterly Battery

4. Ensure all railings and steps outside are secure and tighten if possible

5. Check and seal missing grout seal only missing spots

6. Garden Maintenance only. Sweep and trim shrubs and plants.


1. Have shrubs pruned/trimmed away from the home. (single story only)

2. Garden Maintenance only 2hrs

3. Spring cleaning - purge and De-clutter

4. Check all gutter downspouts/pipes

5. Replace batteries in smoke detector


1. Have air conditioner serviced if available.

2. Check for proper grading around exterior of property

3. Test garage door, emergency leaver and service.

4. Clean gutters of leaves & debris

5. Check brick, siding, exterior for any damage

6. Carbon Monoxide Testing


1. Clean storm water grills/grates and Pressure wash/clean deck, siding, outdoor areas.

2. Reseal or stain deck One Coat only

3. Switch ceiling fans to counter clockwise

4. Run water & flush toilet in unused bathrooms


1. Clean garbage disposal

2. Check basement under home if access only for water intrusion.

3. Clean out Vacuum registers and vents

4. Clean inside & outside windows

5. Check silicone in kitchen bench and seal in matching color.


1. Tighten any loose handles/door knobs

2. Check driveway for any cracks and seal cracks up to 5mm

3. Have roof inspected for any needed repairs

4. Sand and stain/Paint the exterior of the front door or equivalent area such as windows.


1. Clean gutters of leaves & debris

2. Test pump if required

3. Clean outdoor grill and drains.

4. Have carpet professionally cleaned. Up to 3 rooms (total of 27sqm)

Furniture will not be moved for carpet steam cleaning unless extra cost of $100 is paid for extra person.


1. Oil any squeaky door hinges and tighten any cabinetry hinges

2. Replace caulking around exterior windows single story only.

3. Tighten any loose nails/screws on deck

4. Inspect fence for any needed repairs and just re-fix lose palings.

5. Replace batteries in smoke detector



1. Change leaking tap washers.

2. Reverse ceiling fans (clockwise direction)

3. Remove and treat any mold present only.

4. Stabilize any lose stepping stones, brick steps.



1. Check the security of the home

2. Have fireplace inspected & cleaned

3. Test smoke detectors 

4. Install new draft seals if required.



1 Have dryer vent cleaned.

2. Check all timber flooring.

3. Check all tiles and quote to fix if need be.

4. Inspect weather-stripping by doors & windows.

5. Clean all vents.

Please note:

1. Double story will cost extra charge

2. No Allowances for any works other than the monthly package plan allowed

3. All credit terms and conditions apply*

4. We will quote to fix/repair any areas that need attention as per item.

5. Plumbing works will e quoted and undertaken by a licensed plumber

6. Electrical Quote or maintenance will be done by a licensed electrician

7.Packages Can be tailored to you needs.

8. All double stories will incur extra charges due to safe access.

9. No Allowances for any Asbestos works.

10. Packages can be Altered if required. Extra costs can apply.