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All types of repairs is a Australian owned, family operated business, whose mission is to build long term relationships with clients, communicating with you through every stage of your project or maintenance program.

All types of repairs  are a one-stop property maintenance and handyman business, offering services from handyman to general property maintenance including both home and garden renovations.

All types of repairs  deliver the highest standards in the industry, using quality eco-friendly products and cost-effective design solutions- good for your pocket and good for the environment.


Our talented team members at All types of repairs  are actively encouraged to enhance their knowledge of products and techniques through extra qualifications, and we are able to help you visualize, plan, build and maintain the ideal handyman and property maintenance service for you and your family.

All types of repairs  take great pride in customer satisfaction, and whether you are a potential, current or long-standing customer, we will give your property a lifetime of outstanding service.

All types of repairs specialize in real estate agent maintenance, body corporate and residential odd jobs

All types of repairs would like to invite you to try our property and handyman services


“We Give That Little Bit Extra”

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White Bathroom
Bathroom Repairs
Carpentry and Flooring
Carpentry Repairs
French Doors
Door Repairs
Beautiful Tiles
Tile Repairs

All types of repairs


all bathrooms and will provide you step by step communication throughout the renovations or repairs.

All types of repairs

also does carpentry repairs of windows, doors, fencing, hand rails, decking, internal timber fittings.

All types of repairs

will fix most of all you door issues such as chips, splitting, break ins repairs, paint and stain old doors.

All types of repairs

will repair all types of tiled areas, walls and floors.

We remove and re-grout showers and bathrooms. 

Flooring Repairs
Appliance Repairs
General Repairs
Paint Brush
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Window Repairs

All types of repairs

will repair all types of flooring depending on availability of flooring in matching style, profile and color.


All types of repairs will try our very best to cater for our customer needs.

All types of repairs

will repair most household fittings and structure and if not


All types of repairs  will point you in the right direction with our large contractor database.

All types of repairs

will prepare all your affected painted areas and leave them looking new and add more value to your property.


All types of repairs

will endevour to color match to your exisitng color

All types of repairs

will repair most old windows. We take pride in restoring windows without pulling them out. We will try to give them more life and create a cheaper solution for all our customers.